Civil Litigation & Court Work

Smeets Law: Young, energetic and aggressive law firm with a big focus on administrative litigation and client success

If you are suing someone or if someone is suing you, Smeets Law can help with your civil litigation.

If you are being sued, or believe someone may have cause to sue you, consult with Smeets Law right away. Rules are in place that govern civil lawsuits, including limits on the amount of time you have to launch a lawsuit and to respond to a lawsuit which has been brought against you. Smeets Law will act in your best interests quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Contact Smeets Law if you require the services of a lawyer relating to: contested wills, contract disputes, contract litigation, intellectual property, contracts, defamation (libel and slander), employment, estate disputes, family law disputes, bankruptcy, foreclosures, human rights, franchising, insurance claim disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, leases, mechanics liens, probate disputes, real estate disputes, real property, small business matters, technology, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and others.

Smeets Law: court-tested lawyers, knowledgeable about substantive and procedural law in the following areas:

  • Administrative litigation
  • Experience arguing before administrative tribunals, including all branches of the Immigration and Refugee Board, both federal and provincial human rights tribunals, all employment tribunals, and workers compensation boards.
  • Extensive knowledge of legal research techniques
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Strong client advocates
  • Superior interpersonal skills

Civil Litigation: Recognize the risk

Civil actions usually are lawsuits brought before the court by plaintiffs who have the primary goal of securing large financial awards. If you are a defendant in a civil suit, the threat to your financial health and well-being can be significant. You need to contact Smeets Law.

Civil Litigation – Protect your property and rights

Personal and business disputes are a part of life. Business disputes can involve issues of breach of contract, intellectual property, debt collection, real estate disputes, ownership, property, dissolution of relationships, and many other matters. A personal dispute can involve civil rights and human rights. Civil litigation and court work may be required to protect your property and your rights. Smeets Law understands the problems and challenges of both launching and defending against civil lawsuits. We offer comprehensive legal services that will let you tend to your business and your life, knowing your rights and property are being protected.

Contact Smeets Law with your civil litigation, court work, and general civil legal needs. We offer convenient, flexible appointments.