If another country is attempting to extradite a person from Canada, lawyers with Smeets Law provide legal advice on how best to fight an extradition order.

Lawyers at Smeets Law have represented clients who are facing extradition to countries that have extradition treaties with Canada, such as the United States, as well as to countries that do not, such as the People’s Public of China.

Lawyers at Smeets Law have represented people who are facing extradition to countries for the most serious offences, including murder; and who are facing the most serious consequences upon their return, including the death penalty.

In representing clients Smeets Law works to ensure, first, that no one will be turned over to a country requesting extradition unless it is unavoidable. Second, Smeets Law works to ensure that if a client is to be turned over to a foreign country for prosecution, that will occur in accordance with standards laid down by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by various international treaties.

Complex and multi-faceted

Fighting an extradition application can be complex and difficult. Effectively arguing against the surrender of an individual by the Canadian government to another country or, in some cases, to an international organization, requires knowledge of international law, inter-governmental treaties, and international multilateral agreements and conventions.

Different than deportation

Deportation involves an application of immigration law to remove an individual from the country. Extradition, in contrast, is the official process by which one state requests and obtains from another state the surrender of a suspected or convicted criminal.

In extradition cases, criminal law is intertwined with international law. This gives rise to a daunting, multi-faceted legal process.

Lawyers at Smeets Law are experienced in navigating such processes. Knowledgeable and current on the extradition treaties and conventions that the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Minister of Justice apply when faced with extradition requests, Smeets Law efficiently assesses and advises clients on the best legal strategies and tactics.