International Trade & International Law

International Trade & International Law

Smeets Law assists businesses that operate across international borders. Lawyers at Smeets Law provide legal advice that saves clients time and money while they focus on growing their international business, market share, and profitability.
Navigating international trade barriers

Smeets Law advises clients on numerous international trade-related matters, including on the following:

* Acquisitions or joint ventures
* Customs and tariffs
* Foreign market laws and regulations
* Government procurement issues
* Import and export transactions
* Language barriers and bureaucracy
* Local market access
* Treaties

If you currently operate a business engaged in international trade, or plan on expanding into cross-border markets, contact Smeets Law now to arrange a consultation.
International background

Smeets Law has extensive experience helping international clients from a large number of countries, including from the following: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, India, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, United States of America, and Vietnam. Clients from India, China and Kazakhstan have relied on Smeets Law for successful market access agreements. Please review our lawyers’ backgrounds and experience to appreciate Smeets Law’s truly international experience.
Exporting and importing

International lawyers at Smeets Law can assist Canadian exporters and importers of foreign products. We also work with foreign-based companies wanting to do business in Canada.

Since 1992, lawyers at Smeets Law have represented clients on customs and related matters. We advise clients on import/export transaction strategies, and are able to react quickly to new trade and market hurdles.
North American Free Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization, and other trade treaties and organizations

The North American Free Trade Agreement is a complex document with many intricacies, covering cross-border trade and investment. We work hard on behalf of clients who may be struggling with discriminatory and harmful regulatory measures. If your business is dealing with a cross-border or international trade issue, contact Smeets Law now to arrange a consultation.