Labour & Employment Law

Lawyers at Smeets Law have represented employees and employers in a variety of private and public sector employment-related disputes.

Providing a full range of legal services to employers, trade unions, and non-unionized employees, lawyers at Smeets Law are experienced and knowledgeable. We have proven to be strong client advocates when appearing before labour tribunals such as the Labour Relations Board.

Lawyers at Smeets Law also represent unions, employees, and employers in regard to unfair labour practices and labour relations matters.

Union Grievances and Workplace Disputes

Lawyers at Smeets Law represent clients on employment-related matters, including: disability claims; Employment Standards complaints; human rights disputes; occupational health and safety issues; pay equity matters; pension and benefits matters; and workers’ compensation matters.

Our lawyers are also experienced in internal labour union disputes, representing union members in disputes with their union and with fellow union members.

Lawyers at Smeets Law understand the complicated rules and regulations governing the modern work environment. Working with employers and employees, we focus on resolving labour-related disputes in an efficient manner. We can assist you with the full range of labour-related matters, including with the following:

  • BC Employment Standards
  • Business disputes
  • Canada Labour Code matters
  • Collective Agreements / Grievances
  • Confidentiality & non-competition agreements
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Employment agreements
  • Workplace harassment problems
  • Human rights
  • Maternity leave
  • Contract negotiations
  • Negotiating employment agreements
  • Negotiating severance
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Pension issues
  • Severance packages
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Termination of employment
  • Unionized workplace disputes
  • Wrongful dismissal