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Vancouver Law Firm, Smeets Law – An Overview
Thank you for visiting Smeets Law Corporation. We are a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based law firm. We offer a comprehensive range of personal and corporate legal services.
Smeets Law: Comprehensive, reputable Vancouver law firm

Lawyers at Smeets Law offer a comprehensive range of commercial and personal legal services. Please explore our website to learn about our various practice areas and to access information on our lawyers, their backgrounds, capabilities, and experience. Then please contact Smeets Law to arrange a consultation.
Commercial Law

Since 1992, lawyers at Smeets Law have represented both small and large corporate clients in many fields of business, including in the fields of customer service, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, real estate development, construction trades, retail, transportation, travel, technology, and entertainment.

Smeets Law enables businesses to do what they do best: to manage operations, grow, and make money. Our lawyers handle the distractions and complexities created by litigation. We aggressively and efficiently represent our clients’ interests, and we are not satisfied until we have achieved the best possible result.

* Business Litigation
* Civil Litigation & Court Work
* Commercial Lending
* Corporate & Commercial Law
* Creditors’ Remedies
* Health Care
* Industry Sector Groups
* Insurance
* Intellectual Property Law
* International Law
* Labour & Employment Law
* Municipal Law
* Pensions & Benefits
* Personal Injury
* Tax & Estate Planning
* Real Estate Transactions
* Residential Tenancy
* Technology & Intellectual Property
* Workers’ Compensation

Personal Law

Lawyer at Smeets Law advise individuals on family law, ICBC personal injury and insurance law, tax and estate planning, extradition, immigration, and human rights, among other areas. Our lawyers are strong advocates for clients with diverse legal requirements. We can assist you if your needs concern any of the following personal matters: family property disputes; family businesses; professional activities; contracts; estates; tax implications of marriage; cohabitation; separation and divorce; marriage and separation agreements; adoption; and custody and access to children.

Our personal law services encompass the following practice areas:

* Criminal Law
* Extradition
* Family Law
* Human Rights
* Immigration & How to Immigrate to Canada
* Personal Injury & Insurance Law
* ICBC Injury Law
* Tax and Estate Planning
* Wills & Estates