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Have you been hurt or injured in an accident? Has a family member been hurt or fatally injured in any form of accident?

Contact Smeets Law now if you need the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer. You or a family member may be eligible for compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyers at the Vancouver law firm of Smeets Law represent clients with personal injury claims, insurance claims, ICBC lawsuits, and professional malpractice claims. We are an experienced legal firm, and we will provide you with the appropriate information to ensure that your rights are properly protected. We will also assist you in seeking and recovering any compensation or financial awards you may be entitled to.

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Do not settle with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) without first obtaining legal advice.

If you have been in a car accident in British Columbia within the last two years and/or ICBC has made a settlement offer, protect yourself and your family by obtaining a legal opinion prepared by a personal injury lawyer at Smeets Law. A Personal Injury Lawyer will examine your claim and provide an opinion on the level of compensation you are entitled to. Contact us today.
There is much to consider before settling with ICBC, including:

  • Have you obtained a medical opinion that addresses injury recovery, long-term health impact, and residual health problems?
  • Have you decided on a strategy for negotiating with ICBC?
  • Have you decided on how much to ask ICBC for?
  • How much is your pain and suffering and your loss of enjoyment of life worth?
  • Did you know you may be entitled to out of pocket expenses for treatment, housekeeping, and other types of assistance?

Smeets Law may take your case on a contingency basis

If a lawyer at Smeets Law agrees to take your case on a contingency basis, our legal services usually will not cost you anything until we have settled your case with ICBC.

As well, Smeets Law will not charge you anything for our legal services if you do not receive a settlement from ICBC.

Smeets Law’s contingency fee schedule is competitive with those of other firms. Contact Smeets Law now for a consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Professional Malpractice and Negligence

Smeets Law has helped individuals bring claims against professionals and institutions from a variety of backgrounds, including in the medical, legal, and educational professions.

Many professionals operate under codes of conduct, and must observe professional standards. Lawyers at Smeets Law can require members of professional organizations, government, and self-regulatory organizations to account for their actions; and, if you have suffered a loss or injury, can help you recover compensation for any losses you may have incurred.