Residential Tenancy

Are you having a tenant or landlord problem? Lawyers at Smeets Law provide legal advice and legal representation to both tenants and landlords in British Columbia.

In B.C., the law on residential tenancy is administered by the province. The BC Residential Tenancy Act outlines tenant and landlord duties and rights, while the Residential Tenancy Branch provides landlords and tenants with information and dispute resolution services.

Dynamic law, challenging issues

The BC Residential Tenancy Act, as with all statutes, is constantly being revised and updated. Staying current and aware of all your rights and responsibilities is difficult.

Further, most residential tenancy disputes are quite personal in nature. In many such disputes, maintaining a clear, objective mind while remaining cognizant of all BC Residential Tenancy Act nuances is very difficult. It is important that you have on your side a knowledgeable, articulate, and dispassionate advocate such as a lawyer at Smeets Law.

Strong representation

If you are a tenant or landlord and are unable to discuss or resolve your disagreement independently, your dispute may be scheduled for a hearing before the Residential Tenancy Branch’s administrative tribunal. It is important that you speak to a lawyer at Smeets Law before the hearing to ensure you have proper legal advice and representation.

A Residential Tenancy Branch Dispute Resolution Officer can hear a claim for money if the amount is less than $25,000. If it is for a higher amount, a landlord or tenant must apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Lawyers at Smeets Law have represented many tenants and landlords, resolving disputes before they go to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Steer clear of costly administrative penalties

As a landlord or tenant, it is crucial that you understand your rights and responsibilities and comply with the Residential Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act.

However, no matter how diligent each party may be, disputes do arise, and landlords and tenants will disagree.

In cases involving serious and repeated non-compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act or the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act, the Residential Tenancy Branch may apply administrative penalties that can total as much as $5,000 a day. Before you enter into dispute resolution or into a court proceeding it is important that you contact Smeets Law for legal advice.