The Highway Of Tears – Poetry by Larry Smeets



By Larry Smeets

(Written in commemoration of Ramona Wilson and the other young women who have gone missing along the Highway of Tears in northern British Columbia, Canada)


With innocent smile

she presides

over new reports

she was unable

during her own brief life

to comprehend.

Her name is now entwined

with terms like  “decaying”

“serial killer’s victim” and  “shallow grave”.

What did she live through

between the smiles

and the moment of her death?

What desires not yet professed

were by her abductor’s hands crushed?

What hopes were shattered?

What trusts betrayed?

The contrast between the calm image

in her school photos

and the shocking jargon

of the crime reporters,

the disparity

between the beauty lost and the gruesome details,

between what she was

and what has become of her,

warns us all

that when innocence blossoms

it flowers in a brutal world.

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