Wills & Estates

Lawyers at Smeets Law help clients protect and plan before death for their loved ones, take care of their possessions, and get their personal affairs in order.

Will preparation

A properly-structured will allows you to name your estate trustee, and establish how your estate is to be wound up. The estate trustee you appoint will manage the estate, carry out your funeral instructions, and ensure that all provisions of your will are observed and executed, including that all your outstanding taxes, estate expenses, and debts are paid.

If you become unable to take care of your assets, a public trustee may step in and take over. If this were to happen, your family or friends will be required to go to court to take control back. This can lead to large legal bills and time in court. Lawyers at Smeets Law can help you to ward off such developments, by preparing for you representation agreements that will come into effect when you lose the capacity to manage your own affairs.

For the sake of your family, contact Smeets Law and arrange a wills & estates consultation.

Smeets Law provides comprehensive wills & estates and related legal services, including the following:

  • The appointment of a representative for personal care
  • The appointment of powers of attorney for property
  • Dependant’s support and Family Law Act claims
  • Drafting a new will
  • Guardianship hearings
  • In-depth reviews of insurance coverage for disability and death
  • Preparation of a representation agreement
  • Passing of accounts in estate and trust matters
  • Power of attorney proceedings, including capacity hearings
  • Reviewing an older will and updating it if necessary
  • Trust interpretation litigation, trust variation applications, and trustee disputes, including proceedings to remove or replace trustees
  • Will challenges and will interpretation litigation

Lawyers at Smeets Law advise clients in complex estate planning and administration matters. We have represented clients before all types of administrative and judicial bodies.