Client Testimonials

Testimonials Concerning Larry Smeets

Thank you for your good service. -W.K.

Dear Mr. Smeets,
You kindness was appreciated more than words can say. Thank you and God Bless, -Liz V.

To my caring solicitor Larry with lots of awe and reverence for your industrious work.
This is a token of appreciation for you. We owe many thanks to the Holy Spirit. As under his guidance and direction I chose you to be my lawyer and under His guidance and direction, he helped us to restore and build a trustworthy solicitor – client relationship. Keep in touch, as you wish. -J.G.

Dear Larry with sincere gratitude for your thoughtfulness.
Here’s just a big thank you for helping me through my ordeal. Thanks very much. -Tony R.

Dear Larry Smeets,
Thank you so much for all you have done. My appreciation, -Lynn T.

When I sat down to write you a note, I realized how hard it is to say thanks for something that meant so very much. Thank you for every thing you have done for us and all the time you spent doing it, I really appreciate it. Thanks again, -Allison H.

Thank you for all your help, please enjoy reading this book as a token of my appreciation. -Heather B.

Dear Mr. Smeets,
Words can say so little, when someone’s done so much. Once again, thank you so much for meeting me on June 28, 2005. It meant a lot. -Lena S.

If personality has a bearing (and I think it should in the practice of Law) Larry’s is one that people prize very highly. Though somewhat shy, he is an extraordinarily warm and friendly person who enjoys and respects others in equal measure. His Judgment is sound, yet he is not judgmental of others. His interests are unusually wide-ranging, which means that although he is a very able lawyer he has a somewhat better perspective on how law relates to the rest of life than the average lawyer … -Professor R. Dale Gibson (1991)

Larry Smeets,
Thank you very much for all you have done for me and for your support.
Bill S.

I have understood whole things in there about me, and your advices to me. I have known you worked too hard and you spent all your ability to save me out of my serious crime. I have not had anything to render thanks to you yet.
I would like to say to you: Thank you and Thank you forever. I hope that in your friendly, i will tell to everybody know that I know you are a good lawyer to people who are looking for you. Thank you forever, -N. V. C.

Dear Larry:
On behalf of C., M. & myself we would like to thank you again, for all the work and help you have given to C., in regard to his case.
If it was not for you, C. would never have had the charges dropped against him. We hope we may continue to stay in touch on a social basis, in the future. Our house will always be open to you.
Yours truly, -H.P.

Many thanks for the excellent job you did in court on Monday. I certainly have a deeper respect for your profession. Getting to know you a little was equally as enjoyable as the outcome. I am sure you must feel good about what you did in court. You asked me why I hired you. You met and delivered all of my goals in spades.
Ken A.

Mr. Smeets your letter of February 1, 2002 came as a comfort on a day when I was feeling down after that “meeting”. I would just like to say thank to you again for being a true gentleman and a brave man of Integrity.
Joyce K. D.

Dear Larry,
Your professionalism and friendship have made our porte into litigation much more pleasant than it would have been without you. Again – our thanks. -M. and G.

Dear Council Lawyer Larry:
Thank you for being so patient and sympathetic as you were and doing your job with excellence, which was big help to me in the process of dealing with my court case and eliminated much undue anxiety.
The well-presented information, answers and advice which you provided for me clarified exactly what I am facing, what choice I have and their consequences,
Your … good client-centered approach and gentle personal style are much appreciated. Thanks again.
Jennifer C.

I have known Larry for about ten years. This man is, above all, a very humble person who genuinely cares for his fellow man. This caring is personified in actions not rhetoric. One must know Larry well before his profound intelligence is appreciated and his deep compassion for others felt.
In pursuing goals he is dedicated and relentless. Larry exhibits wisdom beyond his years probably because he has such a keen sensitivity for the general good of all people. He is knowledgeable about and committed to the causes of the culturally, economically, and politically oppressed. I am an older Cree Indian woman and from my observation I believe that Larry is a motivator who creates an environment that allows others to recognize their own abilities because he facilitates that action.
My background encompasses thirty-four years in human services. There are very few people I have met that I consider of superior moral character – Larry is a front runner.
-Willy Hodgson Public Service Commission

Dear Larry:… you can be sure our highest regard for you goes with you … C. and H. B.

To Larry Smeets:Thank you for your support,- Rod M.

Dear Larry,
Here’s just a big thank you for helping me through my ordeal.
Thanks very much.
Tony R.

Dear Larry,
This is to thank you “officially” for all your advice and support. The work you have put in on my behalf is very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Jim B.

… Mr. Smeets has done an excellent job in representing your interests here today …
Judge W. F. Stewart
Provincial Court of British Columbia
September 16,1997

When I was in your office, and saw the expeditious and yet, intensity of the time you utilize in preparing your presentations with precision time, to be submitted on the last day, of the last hour, as a strategy of law, I wish to thank you …
John G.

We would like, at this time, to express our gratitude to you for the excellent service and courtesy that you provided to M. and myself, throughout our pursuit of this matter.
John C.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and your non judgemental attitude and encouragement during the past almost two years. Thanks, again, Larry.

… I appreciate very much through your effort I received bail to start with. But for you I would likely still be in custody. I just don’t want you to think that I am unappreciative. I realize the positions of the prosecutor and the judge. I have the impression they would like to see me hanging by my thumbs or other parts of my anatomy. Thank you again.

Dear Larry,
… I would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for your excellent work in this case and hopefully we’ll meet again, but in other circumstances,- Claude L.

Dear Larry:
… on reading your own factum I realize that any comments that I might have made would have been marginal and of little value. I think you have done an excellent job of pinpointing the weaknesses in the Appellants’ arguments and putting forward your own analysis …-K.S., a referring solicitor

Dear Larry and Family,
… Thank you for being so kind …A. and H.

Dear Larry,
We prayed that God lead us to the right person and God sends nothing but the very best! God bless you!
B. and M. P.

… Many thanks for your understanding and for your efforts on my behalf.

Mr. Smeets … has consistently displayed that happy mix of excellent legal skills combined with a facility to get along well with [people]. He appears equally at home in both the litigation side and non-contentions matters. He is reliable, punctual and accurate in his work as well as incisive in his thought processes. Mr. Smeets [is] an extremely diligent worker and his work [is] very thorough. – David B. McDougall

… we found [Larry Smeets] to be exceptionally hard working and industrious individual. The work he did for us was comprehensive and met or exceeds the standards which we anticipated …-Richard M. L. Blair

The Legal Services Society remains grateful of counsel as seasoned as you in ensuring that the low income people of British Columbia have full and effective access to the courts.
Mark Benton -Legal Services Society of B. C.

As you may be aware, we recently placed an advertisement in several of the local newspapers, acknowledging your generous contribution to our Free Legal Information Clinic over the past year.
We are enclosing a copy of the newspaper ad for your files (in case you missed it), and once again wish to thank you for your support of this valued public service.
Yours very truly,
Beverly Hall
Executive Director
Langley Legal Assistance Centre

 Throughout this process we both have been impressed by your ethic, professionalism, and knowledge. I now have a higher level of expectation for my future interactions with counselors. Thank you for your help in resolving an extremely disruptive and stressful family conflict. – Mike M.

Excellent presentation. -G.G.

We would like to thank Larry Smeets for his diligent efforts on behalf of his client. -C.S.

Merci beaucoup de m’avoir aidé. Toi et ton équipe vous êtes excellent.  -S.M.

Many thanks for handling this case for me. Being done from two different countries is not an easy feat and you, as always, achieved all that was expected like the professional you are. If I have need for legal services in Canada in the future, you will be the first person I call. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your help, advice, and diligent services. -T.H.